Updates & Important Information

Due to Covid 19 – the next AHA Awards will be held Easter 6th – 10th April 2023 at St James Wellington


Post Event Report 2019

Judges L to R 
Hao Bin, Patricia Barker, Lisa-Maree Cullum, Richard Bowman 
Winners L-R 
Rench Soriano (B) Lily Sophia Dashwood (Junior) Kohana Williams (A)
Alfie Shacklock (Gailene Stock winner)
Junior Winner – Lily-Sophia Dashwood VIC
A Group Winner – Kohana Williams -Auckland
B Group Winner – Rench Soriano
NZSD Int student from Philippines
Gailene Stock Winner – Alfie Shacklock – QLD

2019 Scholarships/Awards






Cash Awards 2019 
Updates of International scholarships on Sponsorship page

Scholarship Information

The following information is a GUIDELINE only as unprecedented circumstances will always challenge us to be flexible within the terms set out.

AHA Awards is a career platform for young Australasian dancers 11-18 years to further their dance studies within Australasia or abroad. Scholarships, airfares & Cash Awards are available only to successful AHA Awards contestants who enter the competition.

Travel Grant for airfares to attend your scholarship is only available to those travelling OUT of their own country & available to ALL scholarship recipients regardless of whether a prelim, 1/4 semi or finalist. Airfares are NOT included for winners of YAGP or AGP entries as they are not training scholarships. Your prize money is to cover the airfares.

Contestants who enter this event are expected to honour their scholarship prize but If unable to take a scholarship you MUST inform both scholarship sponsor & AHA immediately or within first 2 weeks after event so it can be transferred.

Step 1) All scholarship recipients must email scholarship sponsor & CC in AHA plus current school within 2 weeks of the event to organise dates. The scholarship MUST be taken within 12 months of the event. The Scholarship course must be completed as offered. If you decide to shorten the offered course the airfare will not be paid. Please CC in AHA for all correspondence re your scholarship. [email protected] 

Step 2) Helloworld are our trusted travel brokers so only one quote needed.   
NZ:  Joanna Devereux Ph: 0210787736  [email protected]    
Aust: Cindy Lee +61 (2) 9621 2444 [email protected]

Step 3) Once the recipient has attended the scholarship & sent AHA a review – the airfare on your application form will be paid – provided quote has been pre-approved by AHA.  Review of recipient’s scholarship is compulsory & must be emailed to AHA Awards within one-month post scholarship attendance. Please use the review template on this page (top right) & include the idea of training schedule etc with approximately 200 words on email plus external jpg photo attached – preferably taken at scholarship venue. All scholarship recipients must email their review whether they received a travel grant or not.

ACCOMMODATION: Scholarship sponsors offering homestay or dorm accommodation is for recipient ONLY. If a parent chooses to accompany their child then the parent is responsible for their OWN accommodation costs & arrangements

Scholarship letter

PLEASE ensure you apply for a travel visa in the USA (if needed) before applying for a travel grant.  Travel Insurance is essential.   


Travel Agents

PLEASE include Quote from following

Hello World Broker NZ
Contact Joanna [email protected]

Hello World Australia

Contact Cindy Lee – [email protected]

2019 Grand Finals

Tutor Raffle Draw

L – Host Martin James – Former principal Royal Danish Ballet
R – Raffle drawer Abigail Boyle former principal Royal NZ Ballet

Above -2019 Grand Finals Presentation Children -11 girls & 11 boys – Fiona Haines Dance Academy