Updates & Important Information

AHA Awards will be held Easter 6th – 10th April 2023 at St James Wellington

Event Format – Terms & Conditions 2023

Entries open Sat 1st Oct 2022


1st, 2nd, 3rd winners from each group will be able to choose from a list of elite scholarships rather than allocated by the Jury as in the past. The winner gets first choice followed by 2nd then 3rd

Except for 1st/2nd/3rd who choose their own scholarship, Sponsors can also choose their own recipient/s post event when they have viewed a Finals video link emailed to sponsors one week post event.

Short term scholarships (under 6 months) are considered a way for student to experience a school & visa versa so there is no limit on how many scholarships that a Finalist or winner can receive but neither party is obligated.

Contestants have up to one year post event to take up their scholarship & will email a brief scholarship experience report with a photo to AHA for our website news section

AHA will no longer provide separate travel grants however increased cash prizes will assist recipients towards travel costs for their selected scholarship choice.  

Now the ‘Own Choice’ solo is limited to 1 minute we can now take 11 extra Finalists for Supreme A & B. There will now be 33 Finalists performing & receiving cash awards. 11 Juniors, 11 A group & 11 B group


Post Event Report 2019

Printed program 2019

Winners L-R 
Rench Soriano (B) Lily Sophia Dashwood (Junior) Kohana Williams (A)
Alfie Shacklock (Gailene Stock winner)
Junior Winner – Lily-Sophia Dashwood VIC
A Group Winner – Kohana Williams -Auckland
B Group Winner – Rench Soriano
NZSD Int student from Philippines
Gailene Stock Winner – Alfie Shacklock – QLD

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2019 Grand Finals

Tutor Raffle Draw

L – Host Martin James – Former principal Royal Danish Ballet
R – Raffle drawer Abigail Boyle former principal Royal NZ Ballet

Above -2019 Grand Finals Presentation Children -11 girls & 11 boys – Fiona Haines Dance Academy