Sophie Siebuhr.jpg



11 Years Old

Student of

Anneliese Gilberd Academy, NZ


AHA Junior Quarter finalist 2015

Scholarship to 

The RAD International Summer School  Wellington.


Sophie Writes ....


I was very lucky to be offered a scholarship to the RAD International Summer  School, thank you very much to Katie Haines for  the amazing opportunities offered through the Alana Haines Awards. It was exciting to be part of such a big competition and to watch so

 many wonderful dancers compete, I especially enjoyed watching the finals.

The RAD International Summer school was an amazing experience, it was a wonderful opportiunity to learn from international guest teachers and meet other dancers who had travelled from all over NZ and other countries to take part in the 2 weeks of classes. I was very privileged to be taught  for the 2 weeks by Lynn Wallis, Artistic director of the Royal Academy of Dance for my classical classes and I loved my contemporary classes with Dale Pope. Our two weeks of dancing finished with two performances showcasing our work.

Thank you very much everyone for this wonderful opportunity, I feel so lucky to have received the scholarship and spent such an amazing 2 weeks at the RAD International Summer School.