Phoebe web.jpeg

Phoebe Kiyoto-Ward at Classical Coaching Australia (blue leotard back row)



11 Years Old 

Student of

Mount Eden Ballet Academy Auckland NZ


Semi-Finalist 2017

Scholarship to

Classical Coaching Australia


Phoebe writes ....

I would like to say thank you to Katie Haines, staff and peoples who are involved with Alana Haines Australasian competition in 2017. I also very much appreciate Janine McGrath for giving me a wonderful opportunity for me to attend summer school at Classical coaching for 1 week. 

 On the first day at Classical Coaching I was nervous because of the new environment. I loved the Classical class that started in the morning. I learned to use new and different muscles and techniques from Miss Janine.

After that we had a repertoire class. We have learned many variations such as Fairy doll. This class was my most favourite class. However I also enjoyed all other classes.

Classical coaching has made me more determined and inspired me. I have meet many welcoming and talented students, also the teachers were very kind to me. Before the end of the week I have made many new friends. The summer school helped me to improve a lot. 

Thank you AHA, Katie Haines and Janine McGrath for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. Lastly I would like to say a big thank you to my teachers from Mt Eden Ballet Academy for helping me to be given such a great opportunity.   I will keep working hard.