Monet at Brisbane City Youth Ballet kb.jpg


Monet Galea-Hewitt

 12 Years Old 

Student of

Philippa Campbell School of Ballet

Auckland NZ


AHA Awards Junior Finalist 2015

Scholarship to

Classical Coaching Australia QLD


Monet writes….


Thank you so much Katie Haines, the Judges and all the volunteers at the AHA 2015 competition. This competition, run by Katie Haines provides an amazing experience for aspiring ballet dancers.

I was lucky enough to reach the finals and get offered a week’s training at Classical Coaching’s Summer School, Australia.


Under the guidance of Janine McGrath I studied classical, repertoire, pointe and conditioning. I learnt heaps! Janine’s tips have helped me in all areas of my training – her Summer School was amazing!


I would also like to thank Kate Sims and Riley Baldwin for their excellent corrections and the extra effort they made to me as a Kiwi dancer amongst all the Australians. It was an experience I truly enjoyed and will never forget!


Thank you to all my teachers; Philippa Campbell and Joye Lowe, and also Jane Turner, who has been such an inspiration. All my teachers have motivated me, pushed me and encouraged me to work hard and never give up. I also want to thank my family; as if it wasn’t for them I would not have been able to take so many opportunities.


Once again, thank you Katie. I really appreciate the huge work you put into the AHA competition. You help create amazing experiences for young dancers that they will carry with them forever.