Mio Bayly with Amada Bollinger QLD kb.jpg 

Above: Mio (on right) with  Amanda Bollinger centre & J Finalist Milei Lee left.

Mio Bayly at Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy QLD.jpg


Mio Bayly

 11 Years Old 

Student of

Anita Coutts School of Dance Ballarat Vic Aust


AHA Awards Junior Finalist 2015

Scholarship to

Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy QLD


Mio writes …..


I would like to thank you for the wonderful prize I received as the Runner-Up of the

Junior Section of the 2015 Alana Haines Australasian Awards.


From the 11th of January till the 16th of January, I attended the Summer School offered

to me at the Amanda Bollinger School of Dance.

It was a wonderful experience which I enjoyed very much. Each day I took part in Classical, Contemporary and Repertoire Classes.  The teachers and students made me feel very welcome and I looked forward to going to class each day.

Miss Amanda was very kind to me and gave me lots of encouragement.


My prize money from the award has been safely placed in a Bank account for my future training.  I have also enjoyed receiving and reading my Prize copies of 'Dance' Australia that were awarded to me on final evening of the awards.


The Alana Haines Australasian Awards was the most wonderful experience.


Thank you Katie for all you did to help me when I could not accept the New Zealand Summer School, and also to Miss Amanda for inviting me to attend her Summer School. Also thank you to the judges, the sponsors, all the volunteers and helpers who work to make the Alana Haines Awards the great experience it is for all students taking part.