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Above - Milei with director Amanda Bollinger

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Milei Lee

11 Years Old 

Student of Brian Nolan Academy of Dance

Victoria Australia


Junior Finalist 2015

Scholarship to

  Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy


Milei writes……


I would like to say a big thank you to all people who were involved in the 2015 AHA Awards as this was for me such a wonderful and exciting experience.


Thank you so much for the summer school scholarship at the Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy, I was very honoured and It was a wonderful experience with many great memory's.


A big thank you to Amanda Bollinger. It was wonderful being at this school for a week and I really enjoyed learning Vaganova. 


The teachers and students were very welcoming and not only that, they were very nice, kind, and super friendly. 


I would once again like to thank my teacher Brian Nolan who enabled me the training and support to compete at the AHA Awards and for the opportunity to be selected for the AHA Summer School Scholarship.


And also, I wish everyone good luck with every success for the future!