15 years old

Student of:

 The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School


AHA Supreme B Semi Finalist 2019

Scholarship to

QLD Ballet Pre- professional


Laura writes....


I had the privilege to fly to Brisbane to attend the Queensland Ballet Academy for two weeks. During my time there, I trained with the Level 2 senior program. I participated in their daily Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary and Character classes as well as be apart of rehearsals for numerous Gala pieces.

When arriving there on the first day, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed meeting the students, making new friends and being taught by highly acclaimed teachers and staff. The current facilities and studios are beautiful and in a great location. I was able to walk along the Brisbane river every morning, for a 7:30 start.


We’d have ballet for an hour and a half each day, and then either Rehearsals, Contemporary or Character for the rest of the morning. I’d usually finish between 11:30-12:30, whilst the students would get ready to go to school for the afternoon.  Whilst there, I was fortunate enough to also watch rehearsals by the Pre professional program, and the company in rehearsals their upcoming season of Romeo and Juliet. It was very special to train in the same building as the company too. It was lovely to escape the Melbourne winter for two weeks and enjoy some winter sunshine also! I really loved being apart of this program for a short period, and having the opportunity to experience life at the Queensland Ballet.

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