15yrs old

Student of

Alegria Dance Studios, Sydney


AHA Awards placing 2015

Supreme Semi Finalist

Scholarship to:

Canada’s National Ballet summer school


Jessi writes...


The scholarship to Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) was such a surprise, when I was told I was speechless.

I had 8 months to get excited and imagine what my time would be like. I researched the school, and watched their videos so when it came time for me to join in I was prepared and ready to absorb everything.

I felt lucky to be in a class with the students who are already full time at NBS. This gave me a taste of living away from home and sharing the dream of a professional career with some really talented dancers.

I had opportunity to immerse myself in the daily routine of a professional international school and at the same time make new friends and learn from wonderful teachers in amazing facilities. This is something I will carry with me throughout my dance journey. It confirms for me that what I am striving towards is really worth working for.

Thank you so much to all the people at AHA and NBS that made the scholarship possible. A special thank you to Katie Haines who kept us informed and has kept in contact and also to director Mavis Staines who’s warm welcoming at NBS made me feel comfortable straight away. The award and scholarship was an honour to receive, I will now strive to remember what I have learned and be an even more motivated student of dance as a result of the experience.