Jaydn at Classical Coaching Brisbane City Youth Ballet.jpg


Jaydn Bagayas

13 Years Old 

Student of

Philippa Campbell School of Ballet
Auckland, New Zealand

AHA Awards Junior Finalist 2015

Scholarship to Classical Coaching Australia



Jaydn writes ………


I have had the best time at Classical Coaching Australia in Brisbane! This scholarship wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many people. I would like to thank Katie Haines and the Alana Haines judges for giving me such an amazing opportunity to not only be in such a big competition but be in the finals and receive a scholarship!  Also a big thanks to all of the sponsors and all of the volunteers involved in running the AHA awards. 


I spent 5 days at Classical Coaching which consisted of Classical, Repertoire, Contemporary, Pointe and Conditioning. I especially loved learning many new variations in the Repertoire classes. Thank you very much to Janine McGrath, Kate Sims and Riley Baldwin who taught me during this summer school. I have learnt so much from all of your classes and corrections!


Once again, thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout my years of dancing especially to my teachers Philippa Campbell and Joye Lowe for supporting and helping me every day to become the dancer I hope to be.