Isabel Norriss.jpg

Isabel Norriss

14 Years Old 

Student of

Anneliese Gilberd & Rebecca Bignall 

Christchurch NZ

AHA Awards Quarter-Finalist 2015  

Isabel atttends her scholarship at Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching, Sydney


Isabel writes ....


Firstly, a big thank you to Katie Haines for running and organizing such a fantastic competition, that provides wonderful opportunities and experiences for many dancers. I had an awesome time at the Alana Haines Awards this year and learnt a lot from the experience.


I really enjoyed watching other dancers from all over NZ and Australia, especially the finalists, they were amazing!

In October, I was fortunate enough to experience full time training for 2 weeks at TPCCA in Sydney on a scholarship I was awarded. I did a variety of dance styles and techniques such as pointe, contemporary, cecchetti, character and RAD syllabus and started the day with either a warm up class or pilates then a classical class.


I absolutely loved classical class which was taught by Ms Katie Pianoff and Ms Lucinda Dunn. I loved watching them demonstrate the exercises and learnt a lot from their amazing expertise. Because of the timing of my visit, I was able to watch, learn and join in on their Nutcracker rehearsals for their performance at the end of the year. I was able to learn pieces from the Snowflakes, Spanish, Arabian, Mirlitons and Waltz of the flowers. I loved it!


Thank you so much everyone for this amazing opportunity. I have learnt so much from the experience and I will never forget it.