Brooke Wong.jpg 


12 Years Old 

Student of

Mount Eden Ballet Academy

Auckland NZ


AHA Junior Finalist 2017

Scholarship to

New Zealand School of Dance



Brooke writes….

NZSD Winter School was amazing!

This was my first taste of full-time dance and I learnt so much from it. The tutors were all phenomenal, and you could tell that they were very knowledgeable in their dance style. During the week, we had classes in classical, pointe, contemporary, and hip hop. Classical was definitely my favourite class because the studios were so spacious and had nice floors. I also liked that a pianist played us the music live at each class as I feel it brought a nice atmosphere to the room. Our classical tutor, Turid Revfeim, was so inspiring and talented at teaching. Contemporary and hip hop were also great classes too, our contemporary tutor being Sacha Copland, and our hip hop tutor was Bri Coughlin. It was great to increase my versatility, as this was my fist experience with these dance styles. Another great facet of Winter School was being able to meet other dancers from around New Zealand and some from Australia.


I am so, so thankful that I got into the finals of AHA and had this wonderful opportunity, it really was a dream come true. These experiences are what I will keep with me forever. So thank you to everyone at AHA, the Judges, and NZSD for this amazing experience.  Finally a big thank you to my wonderful teachers at MEBA who have inspired and motivated me.


 Brooke wong w Turid Revfiem NZSD.jpg

Brooke with Classical tutor Turid Revfeim at NZSD