Asia-Rose Blowfield with tutor Lauren Anderson.jpg

Asia-Rose Blowfield with tutor Lauren Anderson



Age: 14 Years

Mt Eden Ballet Academy

AHA Awards 2017 Supreme Semi Finalist

Scholarship to

The Texas Ballet Theatre

Winner of the RAD 14+ 2018


Asia-Rose writes….

Thank you so very much for my incredible opportunity to attend the 5 week Texas Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive.

I don’t know where to begin, I loved every single second of it!


I had some of the most amazing, and inspiring dance teachers teach me over this  summer course, who were so different at teaching, helping me improve and learn to become a better dancer.

Every week I was training from 9am to 5-6pm six days a week. We always started the day off with a 1hour and 45 minute Technique class.  Our last 3 classes were a range of  Variations, Modern, Broadway, Pointe, Partnering, Pilates, Horton, Latin, Rep and Jazz. I loved how we were learning so many different styles of dance.


One of my highlights was the partnering class. We had three partnering classes with three different teachers.

One was with Mr Carl Coomer who is a part of the Texas Ballet Theatre Company  who taught us the pure basics, lines and postions of partnering.

Mr Steve Brule, taught us a classical dance with our partners.  I felt like a principal ballerina dancing in sleeping beauty.

Mr Bernard Gaddis taught us this really amazing neo classical dance that had quirky lifts, turns and dance moves in it. I really enjoyed dancing it. It also pushed me outside my comfort zone with my dance partner which was scary and exciting at the same time.


Another exciting class was with Lauren Anderson, who was the first African American ballerina for Houston Ballet. She was so much fun, I loved her energy and her ballet class.


I was also given the opportunity to dance the Variation Lilac Fairy in both final performances for the summer school. The Lilac Fairy Vriation I danced was choreographed by Ben Stevenson the director of Texas Ballet Theatre. Mr Stevenson watched our fianal performances, and said my Lilac Fairy was lovely!!! My heart stopped beating for a moment, it was a dream come true!!! 


I learnt so much over the 5 weeks, and it was the greatest 5 weeks of my life.

I loved the huge range of dance styles, faculty members and all the different ways of learning.  All of the dancers and chanperones who I lived with in the dorms we so kind and friendly. I have made some amazing best friends, who I will always remember and stay in touch with.


I can’t thank AHA enough for this experience, it has been life changing, made me a stronger dancer and human.

Outside the ERMA Lowe Hall where ASia Rose danced for 5 weeks..jpeg 

Outside the ERMA Lowe Hall where ASia Rose danced for 5 weeks