Aidan Tully at ADPI.jpg


14 Years Old

Student of

Thames Hauraki Ballet Theatre (NZ)


AHA Awards Supreme Semi-Finalist 2017


Scholarship to

Australian Dance Performance Institute

Brisbane, Australia


Aidan writes....

My two weeks at ADPI Brisbane were both helpful and inspirational as they gave me a complete and useful insight into what it would be like to train full time. I arrived at the school and slotted straight in without any worry. I particularly enjoyed the times when our male teacher Bill would let the three boys (Including myself) to stay an extra 30 mins after a class to practise male steps which really helped as more corrections were given.

Some of the classes I took part in were Classical Open, Classical Rep, Contemporary Rep, Warm up, Jazz, Strengthening and conditioning and Kicks, Leaps and Turns (Modern/Hip Hop). I made a lot of great friends that I’m sure I will keep in touch with them. I received a lot of good corrections, mostly involving more prominent steps like pirouettes and tour en l’air, but there were several small fix ups that I could make that would enhance my dancing experience.


The whole school was very well run and it was very beneficial for me and I would just like to thank Katie Haines and the Alana Haines Awards as well as the Judges of the 2017 Competition who awarded this to me. Another huge thank you is due top Barbara Everson, who runs the school and let me partake in this amazing course. I am truly grateful.