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Post Event Report 2019 





Judges with Alfie Shacklock web.jpg

Judges L to R 

Hao Bin, Patricia Barker, Lisa-Maree Cullum, Richard Bowman 



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Winners L-R 

Rench Soriano (B)  Lily Sophia Dashwood (Junior) Kohana Williams (A)

Alfie Shacklock (Gailene Stock winner)




2019 Scholarships/Awards 








Cash Awards 2019 

Updates of International scholarships on Sponsorship page 



The following information is a GUIDELINE only  - NOT RULES - as unprecedented circumstances will always challenge us to be flexible within the terms set out.

AHA Awards is a career platform for young Australasian dancers 11-18 years to further their dance studies within Australasia or abroad.  Scholarships, airfares & Cash Awards are available only to successful AHA Awards contestants who enter the competition. Travel Grant for airfares to attend your scholarship is only available to those traveling OUT of their own country & available to ALL scholarship recipients regardless of whether a a prelim, 1/4 semi or finalist.

After Quarter Finalist results are announced - all Supreme Quarter Finalists will be asked to fill in a form at the registration desk to make three International Scholarship choices in order of preference (prior approval from their current school necessary).  If the contestant is committed to another scholarship then they should write ‘NA’ on form.  They are eligible for a cash prize but not a scholarship or travel grant.

 Scholarship allocation is based on candidates own potential & suitability for that school & so a Semi or Quarter Finalist may receive a scholarship over a Finalist.  

All scholarship recipients must email scholarship sponsor & CC in AHA plus current school within 2 weeks of event. The scholarship MUST be taken within 12 months of event. Application to AHA with airfare prices at least 3 months prior to scholarship start date. The Scholarship course cannot be shortened to suit you & must be completed as offered.

Contestants who enter this event are expected to honour their scholarship prize but If unable to take a scholarship you MUST inform both scholarship sponsor & AHA immediately or within first 2 weeks after event so it can be transferred.  The Scholarship cannot be shortened to suit you & must be completed as offered.

We have had a couple of recipients who have taken the airfare from AHA but NOT turned up to their Scholarship & so from now on - NO airfares will be paid until the Scholarship is completed & we have received your review with Jpg photo for the Scholarship Sponsor & our website news. 

No matter whether you receive a travel grant or not - ALL scholarship recipients MUST email me a review & photo at their scholarship for our website within 2 weeks. 

No review - No airfare!  A review template is on Updates page with other reviews as examples. Approx  50 words on email plus external jpg photo attached preferably taken at scholarship venue.

If the recipient is injured after you have paid for your airfares then please use your travel insurance to transfer the flight to a later time after arranging with the scholarship school.

Please Note: Review of recipient's scholarship is compulsory & must be emailed to AHA Awards within one month post scholarship attendance. Details & template at top right on this page.




Scholarship letter

PLEASE ensure you apply for a travel visa in USA (if needed) before applying for a travel grant.    Travel Insurance is essential.  

I would like all scholarship recipients traveling from Australia to include a quote from Helloworld.

Cindy will challenge any airfare quote

Contact Cindy Lee -


Download application link above, complete, scan & email back to me as an attachment with 2 airfare quotes dated at least 3 months prior to scholarship attendance. Application is for scholarship winners & out of your own country only. Include your contestant number on form & contestant name on airfare quotes.

ACCOMMODATION: Scholarship sponsors offering home stay or dorm accommodation is for recipient ONLY. If a parent chooses to accompany their child then the parent is responsible for their OWN accommodation costs & arrangements.





Level 1, 14 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021 

Phone: +64 7 975 0141  0800 438 688


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 Here is NZ link for WEBJET  

FLIGHT CENTRE have been providing very competitive prices 


 HELLOWORLD  Australia 

Contact Cindy Lee -

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Raffle Draw web.jpg   

TUTOR RAFFLE DRAW - L to R in photo above

Director Duchy Ballet Cornwall, Director Royal New Zealand Ballet, Director Melbourne City Ballet, Host Sir Jon Trimmer & Announcer Neill Douglas.    Ballet tickets donated by RNZB/QLD Ballet/MCB) were won by Southern Ballet Christchurch, Joanne Grace QLD & Katharine Mantle Perth.



Guest Performers web.jpg 

GUEST PERFORMERS L -R in photo above

 Melbourne City Ballet - Ariana Hond & Tynan Wood 

Sydney Dance Company - Aaron Matheson & Chloe Paige Young

Royal Ballet School London - Harrison Lee

Royal New Zealand Ballet - Laura Saxon-Jones 


Pres Boys 0368 websize.jpg 

AHA17-KIDS-0658-2 Girls websize.jpg

Above -2017 Grand Finals Presentation Children -11 girls & 11 boys - Fiona Haines Dance Academy