AHA Awards winner Tirion Law is making her debut as the Sugar Plum Fairy with the National Ballet of Canada – former student of NZSD

ED COOLEY 13 Years Old Student of Promenade Dance Studio QLD Australia AHA Awards Placing 2019 Supreme A 2nd Scholarship to PARIS OPERA BALLET SCHOOL Summer Intensive

Ed writes …..

I have recently travelled to Paris for a two-week scholarship at the Paris Opera Ballet School Summer Intensive.

Throughout, these two week at the Paris Opera Ballet School I have had such a unique experience, learning from new teachers to making new friends. I was also lucky enough to have Élisabeth Platel take one of my Classical Classes.

My schedule for each day usually consisted of starting with Classical class, then Technique, Baroque and Caractère, however some days would differ for example I would attend Musical, Mime or Barre a terre class.

Overall this incredible experience has given me an insight into what a professional dance school is really like, which makes me want to become a professional dancer even more.

Thank you to the Alana Haines Awards and Judges for giving me this amazing opportunity.


15 Years Old

Student of

The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School


Supreme B Semi Finalist 2019

AHA Scholarship to

The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary, London

Milei writes …..

“This year, I was incredibly fortunate to have visited The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary for two weeks through a scholarship I received from the Alana Haines Awards 2019. My experience at the Rambert School is a time I will cherish forever in my heart. I saw unimaginable amount of talent and commitment from the students at the Rambert School. The teachers were so knowledgeable and passionate about the art form of dance, I learnt some life lasting advice from them.

My day would commence at 9:00am and end at around 4:00-6:00pm. My schedule would consist of ballet, pointe, repertoire, pas de deux, contemporary, music workshops and improvisation classes. I learnt three styles of contemporary which were Cunningham, release and graham. I took great pleasure in learning all these different styles. 

I was also fortunate to have observed a rehearsal that was performed by second year students. It was a contemporary piece that was choreographed by a graduate student from the Rambert School and I was astonished with the performance. The choreography itself was extraordinary and the students performed it with precision and devotion.

I want to thank the Rambert School for having me, I truly had the most amazing time. 

Words cannot express how thankful I am to Katie Haines and the Alana Haines committee for giving me this incredible opportunity. I am so appreciative for the amount of time and effort they put in to make this experience possible and worthwhile.”