AHA Awards Competition

Next AHA Awards


April 6th – 10th April

Earthquake strengthening is scheduled to be completed late June 2022

Entries open in September 2022 (Date TBC)

Event Format – Terms & Conditions 2023


Awards are allocated by the jury to contestants who enter & perform in these biennial events.  Awards cannot be allocated to any dancer who has not entered these events.

$50,000 CASH

plus Scholarships


1st, 2nd, 3rd winners from each group will be able to choose from a list of elite scholarships rather than allocated by the Jury as in the past. The winner gets first choice followed by 2nd then 3rd.  As there are 11 finalists in each of the 3 age groups – these finalists may contact remaining scholarship sponsors for scholarship inclusion.

AHA will no longer provide separate travel grants however increased cash prizes will assist recipients towards travel costs for their selected scholarship choice.  

Entry can be made by an Individual Dancer, the Family/Caregiver of Individual Dancer(s) or a Dance Studio on behalf of their students but a personal email address & phone number of the parents or contestant is mandatory. Each entry must be identified by a different email address & is your user name for website log in & cannot be changed once entered. If you get this email wrong then you will need to re-enter by contacting [email protected].

Now the ‘Own Choice’ solo is limited to 1 minute we can now take 11 extra Finalists for Supreme A & B. There will now be 33 Finalists performing & receiving cash awards. 11 Juniors, 11 A group & 11 B group

Winners of each category (J,A,B) are offered complimentary entries to the Finals of the Youth America Grand Prix Finals – New York April 2024

Winners of each category (J/A/B plus Supreme winner) receive 1yr magazine sub Donated by ‘Dance Australia’


JUNIOR SCHOLARS 11 – 12 years

1st:  $5,000.00 

 2nd:  $2,000.00                       3rd:  $1,000.00

8 FINALISTS:$500.00 cash each

Energetiks Dance Requisites Voucher valued at A$150

SUPREME A & B GROUPS 13 – 18 years

$4,000 cash
plus the A group Winning prize

Total = $11,000

Gailene Stock – ARAD Grad Dip Ed – Former Director, The Royal Ballet School 
A Group (13-14yrs) B Group (15-18yrs)
1st:    $7,000.00 1st:    $7,000.00
2nd:    $3,500.00 2nd:    $3,500.00
3rd:    $2,500.00 3rd:     $2,500.00

16 FINALISTS: $500,00 cash each

Group A – Energetiks ‘Dance Requisites Voucher’ valued at $250
Group B – Energetiks ‘Dance Requisites Voucher’ valued at $250

APRA license

AHA Awards is affiliated to the Performing Arts Competition Assn of New Zealand (PACNZ)
AHA Awards complies with APRA regulations & forward fees on behalf of all Competitors


The jury evaluates candidate’s potential based on: technique, musicality & physical suitability.

The Jury will observe and mark the competitors Adjudicated classes on a semi-private stage, and Preliminary Set Solos and Own Choice items (for Supreme A & B categories) on a public stage

2023 Contest Format

Age as at first day of competition (April 1st 2023) 
Juniors = 1 set solo (11-12yrs inclusive)
Supreme A = 2 contrasting solos (13-14yrs inclusive) 
Supreme B = 2 contrasting solos (15-18yrs inclusive)

Contestants’ solos are judged in four rounds: Preliminaries, Quarter-Finals, Semi-finals & Finals

Contestants Present: (Contestants perform in order of age)

No eliminations until Classes & Preliminaries are completed

1) An adjudicated classical class (no eliminations) on Stage (no pointe or barre)

2) One ‘Set’ Solo chosen from the professional classical repertoire list below 

3) One ‘Own Choice’ Contrasting Solo 1min max (excludes Junior Scholars)

One ‘Own Choice’ (excludes Juniors) Original choreography (copyright law) in contrasting dance style (contemporary or lyrical) Either barefoot, flats or pointe shoes. This solo must not exceed 1min max

Own Choice music may include lyrics if you wish


Adjudicated classes on stage Thursday

Juniors from 8.30am, A Group Afternoon,, B Group Evening

The classes are part of the contest & if a contestant does not attend the class they will not be able to perform their solos in the competition. All classes take place at the venue – 20 mins long for Juniors & 1/2 hr each for A/B groups, comprising of 3-4 short enchainments (no barre or pointe work). Dance Studio Directors and Teachers may view from the Theatre Gallery all Adjudicated classes. Parents/Caregivers may not view these classes.
Juniors: 20 min
1) P.d. bras & Adage 2) tendus & G battments, pirouette 3) Allegro
A/B groups: 30 min
1) P.d bras & Adage 2) Tendus, G. Batt, Pirouettes 3) Petit Allegro 4) G. Allegro. 

There are no eliminations following classes however the scores from these sessions will count towards the final results.

Class attire: 
Females: Plain black leotard, pink tights, flats 
Males: White leotard & black tights flats

 Because we have reduced the Own Choice solo to I min – we are now able to take more quarter & semi Finalists for A & B.

Quarter Finals:        50 from each of the 3 sections will be taken (Js As & Bs)

Semi Finals:           22 Juniors, 11 Supreme A and 11 Supreme B dancers.

Finals:                   11 Juniors, 11 Supreme A and 11 B dancers. (33 in total)

Monday evening 11 each from Juniors, Supreme A & Supreme B (33 in total)
BOTH solos A&B groups

Audience Ballot Voting:  The audience gets to choose via ballot vote for their choice in each section Junior, A & B groups during Quarter-Finals on Monday. Audience voting is completely separate to judges’ selection & is common practice in all international competitions. 


Please note that the you-tubes are only examples of ONE version. Various solo versions from well known companies are accepted. Adaptions can be made to suit candidates’ capabilities (especially juniors) including changing sides for turns but the original choreography should be unchanged if possible.

All solos: Prompt entry/exit – no bow/curtsey. Only small hand-held props used artistically are permitted (fan, tambourine etc) for own choice solo. If you have ribbons on tambourine please sew them so they do not fall off.  Do NOT leave ANY items on stage as you exit. Only at the Finals – contestants should curtsey/bow at end of their dance. 



15 m deep x 12 m wide  – Plus Tarkett Dance Floor
Blue Cyclorama back drop for Preliminaries/Semis – Red for Finals