Katie Haines
9th June 2020


15 years old

Student of

Fiona Haines Dance Academy, New Zealand

2 Week Scholarship to the Tanya Pearson Academy

Sydney Australia

India writes …..

In late February, I visited the Tanya Pearson Academy on a two week scholarship thanks to the AHA Awards.

I spent two weeks training in their full time program and from those two weeks I learnt so much and met so many amazing dancers. All of the teachers at the academy provided such a different approach to teaching and inspiring us dancers, and I feel that I gained so much technically and artistically from this experience!

During my visit I took various classes as a part of the full time program including, classical class, pointe, repertoire, contemporary, character, pas de deux, conditioning and TLB. I loved learning from various different teachers throughout my two weeks at TPA. Every morning we took classical open classes taught by Miss Catherine, during this class we focused a lot on the quality of our movement, placement of the weight and alignment of our upper body and shoulders in particular. I found these classes so beneficial towards my technique and strength as well and focusing on the implementation of artistry into our work. 

Something that really stood out to me from my visit would have to be learning from Miss Dunn, a piece from the white swan pas de deux from “Swan Lake.” When learning this repertoire, we focused a lot on the artistry between partners to help portray the story as well as working to perform the steps with correct technique and placement. It was so inspiring to have the opportunity to learn from Miss Dunn, and I feel that her feedback was so helpful to further my knowledge.

I absolutely loved my time training at Tanya Pearson Academy in Australia, there was such a wide range of wonderful teachers who all had something different to offer, and I feel that I benefited so much from every class that I took while there.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Katie Haines and the Alana Haines Australasian Awards for providing young dancers these incredible opportunities to further our training and experience. I would also like to thank Miss Dunn and all of the faculty and students at the Tanya Pearson Academy for providing me with so much knowledge to further my training, and also making me feel so welcome during my visit.