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16th February 2020

KOHANA WILLIAMS Student of Mt Eden Ballet Academy, NZ AHA Awards placing 2019 Supreme A Winner Scholarship to Bottaini Melro International Center of Arts Munich, Germany

Recipient writes….

Thank you so much Katie Haines and others who worked so hard at Alana Haines Awards, and also scholarships sponsors especially the Bottaini Merlo International Center of Arts (BMICA) for making me feel so welcome and part of your family. 

In November I travelled to Munich, Germany to attend the scholarship to BMICA’s full-time programme for four weeks. 

The four weeks in Munich was terrific and I loved taking class with the full-time dancers, and living in Casa Mia, the school boarding house. The typical week would consist of ballet class, pointe, repertoire, pas de deux, contemporary, modern, musical, and anatomy. I enjoyed every class during my time there, though I especially loved learning The Entrance of the Swans from Swan Lake in repertoire class. The rehearsals for this class were really demanding, but also very exciting. We learned about spatial awareness, how to use swan-arms, and so much more. Rehearsing Swan Lake made me feel Inspired! I also really enjoyed Pas De Deux class with Lisa-Maree Cullum and Alen Bottaini. Pas de Deux was rather new to me and it was really enjoyable learning how be lifted and using correct weight placement. All the amazing teachers were so inspiring, and they taught me so much. 

The boarding house, Casa Mia, was lots of fun. The students I was staying with were from Italy and Japan. Meals were cooked for us every day, but on Sundays we cook for ourselves. It was really enjoyable staying in the boarding house, it was such a cool new experience. 

I am really thankful for my time at BMICA, and I will always remember the amazing experience that was given by Alana Haines Awards. I have learnt so many new things, and have grown so much as a dancer!