Katie Haines
5th February 2020


14 Years Old 

Student of

Andrea Rowsell Academy of Dance Australia

AHA Awards 2019

Supreme Quarter Finalist

Scholarship to

Alegria School of Dance

Mia writes ….

I don’t have words for how incredible my Alana Haines experience was! From dancing on that amazing stage to being able to sit in the audience in awe and watch so many incredible dancers, it was such a privilege!

Every fellow competitor and staff member was so kind and helpful, making my first international ballet competition absolutely unforgettable. After all the rehearsals, dancing my Bluebird variation on the New Zealand stage felt so rewarding! I never ever thought that I could be a Quarter Finalist in such a prestigious competition and on top of that receive a scholarship to an amazing school like Alegria!

My time at Alegria was absolutely wonderful! Each day I would travel from the hotel in a cab on my own and arrive at about 8:30am. Hilary Kaplan the principal was so welcoming, along with all the students of Alegria, which I am very grateful for.

Every day consisted of varying classes, but over the week I participated in Classical Ballet; Coaching (which was a class dedicated to learning variations); Spanish (where I used a pair of castanets for the first time!); Contemporary and Pas de deux (where I was partnered for the first time and absolutely loved it!).

When I first entered the front door I was nervous for what lay ahead, but after just one day I wasn’t nervous anymore. Hilary is such a passionate teacher who is very focused on technique, which I really enjoyed. Throughout the week she gave me special attention and I feel I benefited greatly from her experience and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed her style!!

As a result of this amazing experience, I met many new people and was shown another aspect of full-time training, which has further motivated and inspired me. I would like to say a special thank you to both Hilary and Archibald for having me attend their amazing school and to the Alana Haines Australasian Awards for providing me with this incredible opportunity.