Shae Berney kb.jpg


Shae Berney, 15 Years Old 

(outside Harid Conservatory)

Student of Chilton Dance Centre Lower Hutt

Teacher – Bronwyn Bennett

AHA Awards Quarter-Finalist 2015


Shae has a rare talent & had only been learning ballet for 18 months - prior to winning this elite scholarship at the 2015 AHA Awards. After attending the 4 wk summer school they offered him a  Full-time position.


Shae writes...


Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity I was given at the Alana Haines Awards 2015 to train at the Harid Conservatory in Florida, USA at their Summer School for 4 weeks.

The Harid Conservatory is a full time school which offers: ballet,modern, jazz, character, music classes, education and pas de deux classes which were my favourite.

Every day we would start with our technique classes, which we would have a new teacher for each week, then we would go on to do point classes, men’s class, variations or pas de deux. In the afternoon we would either have jazz, modern or music. On Monday evening we would have nutrition with our crazy teacher Karen, and on Thursday we would have injury prevention.

I was very lucky to be able to be taught by three amazing Russian tutors (Mrs Schneider, Ms Osiyeva and Mr Pakri) whom taught the vaganova schooling which is quite different to RAD! For character we had Ms Valentin, she was so inspiring the way she was always smiling and really got into dancing.

I met some very close friends which I will keep in touch with for many years to come and some of the most amazing teachers who helped me hugely to progress my dancing and I have been given a lot of information to enable me to become a better dancer - like where to place my head and PLIE!

Since returning home I have been offered a full-time position. We are trying to see whether we are able to make this a reality – here’s
hoping :)

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity