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Katherine at the Royal Danish Ballet School Denmark


2015 AHA Katherine Sonnekus Esmeralda.jpg

KATHERINE SONNEKUS - aged 17 years 

AHA Semi-Finalist 2015

Scholarship to Royal Danish Ballet Summer School in Copenhagen, Denmark

Trained at Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy in Sydney.

Previously from Mount Eden Ballet Academy in Auckland NZ


Katherine writes....


To Katie Haines, the AHA Awards Trust and Alexander Staeger of the Royal Danish Ballet School in Denmark,

Thank you so much for awarding me the opportunity to attend the RDB Summer School in Copenhagen in July this year. I feel I have become a better and bigger dancer from this amazing learning experience.

From the wonderful teachers and faculty, the eye opening experience of learning the beautiful Bourneville style and meeting dancers from all over the world who seemed to share a sense of excitement and willingness that I really appreciated.

This experience was a learning curve for me and I’m so grateful to have come out the other end with the friends and knowledge that I have.