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Annaliese at Ecole Superieure Cannes France



Student MacDonald College NSW

Teacher – Jane Kesby

AHA Awards Semi-Finalist 2015


Annaliese writes...

Travelling to France to attend the Rosella Hightower Summer program was an unforgettable experience.  I learnt so much and definitely took a lot away from the whole experience. 

The summer school was 8 full days that each consisted of 6 classes including – anatomical awareness, open ballet class, pointe class, repertoire, contemporary and jazz.  The dancing day went from 9am to 7pm with about a 45 min lunch break. The day was very full on and the weather made it even more so as it was at least 30 degrees everyday but I loved all the classes so the day went by pretty fast. 

All the teachers had incredible knowledge and I was lucky that most of them spoke in English. I met many people and made lots of new friends.  There were girls from all around the world – my roommate from Austria, several Japanese students, Italian girls, Spanish girls, etc.  There was only 1 other girl who spoke fluent English from London however most had a basic understanding of English so communication wasn’t too difficult.  I definitely feel I improved and learnt many new things during the programme and it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life.

I would like to thank Katie Haines and AHA for providing me with this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.