Aidan Tulley to Alabama.jpg

Aidan Tully, 11 Years Old (4th from left blue T-shirt)

Student of Thames Hauraki Ballet Theatre (THBT)

Teacher – Mrs Pauline Tronson-Germon

AHA Awards Quarter-Finalist 2015


Aidan writes...

I was lucky enough to be awarded a Scholarship to the prestigious American Ballet Theatre (ABT) Summer Intensive Programme at the University Of Alabama. I met lots of friendly people from all over America, and made a lot of friends. To be there just felt amazing. We trained six hours a day, every day, with the exception of Saturday, which was four hours, and Sunday, which was our day off.

Our classes included Ballet Technique, Pas De Deux Class, Jazz, Character Dancing, Anatomy, Nutrition, Dance Media, Men’s Rep, Men’s Variations, and Men’s Class. Our teachers were very inspirational and motivating. We received great direction and feedback from them.

The whole experience has been a small indicator of what training full time would be like. There is nothing I would like more than to get up every day and dance! A big thank you to AHA Awards, and ABT, who gave me this fantastic opportunity, and to all of the people who helped me get to Alabama.